Your Hands can Heal

ZAR 1950


Payment terms: A deposit R950 followed by 2 monthly payments of R500 on the same day of each successive month.

If you have been ‘called to heal’, then this beautifully illustrated, revised energy healing course, is exactly what you have been looking for. No matter where you live, you study online, in your own time, on how to activate and use your healing gift. Most of the chapters have links to You-Tube videos, to help you better understand the course content. Some students even manage to work through the manual in six weeks.

People who have done this course, have followed the step-by-step instructions and experienced exciting results. After completing this training, you will be able to do long distance energy healing, healing on family, friends and animals. Should you qualify, you will receive a certificate saying that you have completed and passed an on-line course in ‘Meta-Physical Healing”. There is no extra charge for the marking and issuing of certificates.

This course covers the following:

  • Dedication
  • Foreword
  • About the Author
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Origins and different kinds of Healing
  • What is Energy Healing?
  • Medical Intuitive Training
  • Seeing into the body
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology in pictures
  • Energy Medicine – The Bach Flower Remedies
  • The Body Electric – Anatomy of the aura, subtle systems, circulatory, sensory etc.
  • Wheels of Light
  • The Endocrine Glands and Chakra System
  • Colours in the aura, reading and cleansing the aura.
  • The Dark Side of Being Light
  • The Holistic Approach to healing
  • Meditation
  • You Can Heal Yourself – Experiential Exercise
  • The Healing Act
  • Bond with Your Client
  • Scanning – using your hands to ‘read the field’
  • Divination
  • Doing a medical intuitive assessment
  • Un-ruffling auric fibres
  • Sealing and transmitting energy.
  • Hand positions for giving healing and various stages of the Healing Act.
  • Shower, Grounding and Cleansing Techniques
  • How to Take a Medical History
  • Drug or Alcohol Addiction
  • Possession States
  • What is Energy Healing? Explanation for the client
  • Disclaimer
  • Medical History Form
  • The Healing Act – Summarised
  • The Health of the Healer
  • Cleansing Meditation
  • Long Distance Healing
  • Code of Conduct
  • Ethics

Kindly note that this course does not qualify you as a Healing Practitioner. Tuition fees are payable in full and are not refundable, if you decide not to continue with your training. You also have one year from date of registration in which to submit your assignments.