Established in January 2019, by Katharine Lee-Kruger, Asheka Collins and  Gareth Lee. The Healing Community meet on the second Saturday of every month. 

These meetings give Healers the opportunity to network with like minded people, which amongst others has the following benefits:

It allows you to help others

One of the most important benefits of networking is to help, support and guide one another.

Exchange Fresh ideas

Most of us try to stay up to date with changes in our fields either through continuing our education or via reading, but there’s a wealth of knowledge out there which you can gain access to by simply talking to other healers.

Being on the receiving end of these fresh ideas allows you to introduce new aspects into your healing practice.

Makes you more Visible

One of the advantages of networking is that it helps you become more visible. It also opens new doors, for you to advance your career.

It’s important to understand that opportunities not only present themselves in the form of new contacts, but they can also mean meeting an important person in the industry that can change the course of your career.

Allows you to express opinions

Unlike your friends and family, a professional network is there to share opinions about the healing industry and exchange information. You can discuss healing related matters that you have been thinking about and ask for advice whenever you reach an impasse.

Having this kind of support system is one of the many advantages of networking and its why people are encouraged to take an active role in building their network. Not only can you share opinions about new trends with other professionals, but you can also share ideas, and get some constructive feedback.

Expands your support network

Another benefit is that it helps you build a support network that can assist you at every stage of your career. There will be someone who’s gone through the same process in the past which means that they can give you advice and tips on how to manage clients and promote your healing practice

Boosts your self esteem

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about networking benefits, but the boost to your self-esteem is something to consider. Knowing people, being asked about your opinions and ideas and getting asked to introduce people can be quite the social thrill, and it’s exactly what you need especially if you are an introvert.

There are many methods and techniques to get over your initial shyness and start talking to people, but the important thing to remember is that it can be done on your own terms. Networking is not like entering a high-school cafeteria, it’s a lot more grown-up and it’s something anyone can achieve if they set their mind to it.

It becomes your resource

You probably have tons of questions about your industry that not even Google can help you with. Talking to other professionals can help you resolve these questions.

Influence things positively

Sometimes all our careers need is an influencer who can help things go our way and that’s what a professional network does a lot of the time. It puts in a good word and applies pressure whenever it’s necessary. It’s an aid in helping you achieve your goals, and this is precisely why taking active steps towards building and maintaining a network is essential.


Our monthly gathering includes ceremony, meditation and tips on how to market yourself and your business.


Saturday 10 August, 14 September, 12 October, 9 November 2019.


Dittons Farm, 53 College Road, Muldersdrift


08h30 for 09h00 until 13h30.


Business cards, blanket, pillow and a bottle of water.


email Gareth –

Non-Members pay R100 towards venue hire, tea and coffee.

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