What is Soul Retrieval Therapy?

The Soul Retrieval Practitioner’s way of doing healing should not be considered an exclusive method of confronting psychological and/or medical problems. It should be viewed as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

“You cannot find peace until you find all the pieces”

Have you ever wondered why a woman keeps on choosing an abusive husband for a marriage partner? Why a person keeps on having car accidents? Why the same individual keeps on getting hi-jacked? Why certain personalities suffer from pain, anxiety, or stress of unknown origin?  The answer could be that they are suffering from ‘soul loss’.

What is ‘soul loss’? As we move through life, many of us encounter situations that are too frightening to deal with, so we block off parts of ourselves, push aside the energy associated with the situation and continue with our lives as best we can.  The ‘wounded’ portion of self (the soul) stays trapped in the event, and like a stuck record, continues to play over and over again, resulting in repetitive behaviour patterns, events, or symptoms of ‘soul loss’.

Marie Von Franz, a prominent Jungian analyst wrote, “Soul loss can be observed today as a psychological phenomenon in the everyday lives of the human beings around us. Loss of soul appears in the form of a sudden onset of apathy and listlessness; the joy has gone out of life, initiative is crippled, one feels empty, everything seems pointless”.

Unable to communicate verbally, these ‘wounded fragments of soul’ work through the subconscious mind, and the person feels unable to get on with their life’s work, is unable to focus or to concentrate, feels ‘emotionally dead’, ‘spaced out’ and ‘not really present’. Other symptoms include severe depression, grief and an all encompassing feeling of fear and different kinds of psychosomatic, emotional and physical illnesses that do not seem to respond to any kind of conventional treatment.

People suffering from ‘soul loss’ need ‘soul retrieval’. They need a soul retrieval practitioner, a person who is able to journey, in an altered state of awareness, into non-ordinary realities on their behalf to retrieve their soul fragments, still trapped in the trauma of past events. This is done with the help of their power animal, a specialised animal spirit guide that will be in charge of the journey to find and heal the origin of the problem.

The beauty of soul retrieval is that the person suffering from soul loss does not have to revisit the past, or know the origin of the problem. It is also a safer and gentler alternative to Past Life Regression in that, if the problem is linked to a previous life, the client does not need to be regressed and to re-live the trauma associated with a previous incarnation, in order to be healed. The experienced Soul Retrieval Practitioner is able to retrieve, and reintegrate that soul fragment while the client is in a deep state of relaxation.

The wounded aspects of self (soul fragments) are retrieved over a period of time, healed, re-integrated and then brought back to the present, by blowing the energy of the fragmented parts back into the heart or crown centre. It is the soul retrieval practitioner’s duty to restore wholeness.

Depending on the severity of the problem, soul retrieval may require one or more sessions, until such time as all the retrieved soul parts have been gently re-integrated. Benefits include feeling more focused and orderly, feeling more present, more alive, lighter, being able to set boundaries, increased feelings of self-worth,  people feel more in touch with their feelings, feel more powerful as individuals, people feel more energetic, things seem more ‘real’, there is a greater richness of ‘being’ and so on.

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