Many people struggle with the ‘twin flame’ theory. The person they long for is usually unavailable, and they can’t stop thinking about them. We all walk this path at one time or another, but it is essential not to fall into the entrapment of unrequited love. These fatal attraction episodes can be dangerous, especially when families get broken up. They usually don’t last either. Relationships although easy to form, can take years to end. To quote
Margaret Holton “Sometimes we recognize each other. The strength of this recognition remains constant, but it could be unresolved fear, shame, regret, anger, disgust, sadness or loss. Human consciousness perceives only love – and some Spiritual teachings have declared that to be true. But it’s not. Some ‘Twin Flame’ attractions are nothing more than recognition of unfinished business.”

The Dagara people in west Africa, use ritual to end relationships. The whole community comes out to witness a ‘cord cutting ceremony’ when two people are tied together with long vines. Turning their backs, they then walk away from each other, stretching the vines to the utmost, until the village elder cuts the vine in the middle. They both walk away without looking back.

Rituals send a powerful message to the subconscious and, these combined with intuitive counseling, healing and soul retrieval can help people to recover from the ‘Twin Flame’ syndrome.  Contact