Shamanism for Beginners
On-line Course

ZAR 1950


If you are a qualified Reiki Practitioner this course will help you combine Shamanism with Reiki.

Discounted by R150 when paying the full price. Includes marking and issuing of certificates.
Payment terms: A deposit R950 followed by 2 monthly payments of R500 on the same day of each successive month.

In a world when chaos, confusion, and uncertainty rule, sometimes we need to take stock of our lives. This beautifully illustrated, certified course, can help you to view your life from the perspective of your total spiritual existence, which is without beginning and without end. It looks beyond the surface of our everyday living and shows you how to embark on a voyage of self-discovery, activating healing and creative aspects of yourself that were formerly hidden.  

Once awakened, the inner shaman will enrich your life and create a greater sense of emotional well-being through linking with nature and understanding the different worlds of Shamanism.


  • About the Author
  • Reclaiming my Shamanic Birthright
  • Revision
  • Nature Mysticism – Reconnecting with Nature –
  • Mindfulness
  • Revision
  • What is Shamanism? African, Native American and
  • Koi San Perspectives
  • Revision
  • The Different Worlds of Shamanism – A different model of the Human Mind
  • The Conscious Mind
  • The Middle World
  • The Subconscious mind
  • The Higher Mind
  • Other Dimensions beyond this Reality
  • Esoteric Physiology – The Luminous Energy Field –
  • Each of these subtle systems carries out a function on behalf of the body and has an equivalent in Nature.
  • Communicating with nature through the Human
  • Energy Field.
  • Extra-sensory Perception
  • The Aura and Chakras
  • The African Perspective of Serithi
  • The different types of Serithi
  • How other people’s Serithi affects us.
  • Building a strong Serithi
  • Revision
  • Power Animals as Teachers and Guides
  • Meeting your Power Animal
  • Revision
  • Facilitated Journeys
  • Introducing a client to their Power Animal
  • Revision
  • Why Journeys don’t work
  • Strengthening your connection with worlds unseen
  • Revision
  • The Rainbow Prophecies

Kindly note that this on-line course does not qualify you as a Traditional Healer or Shaman. Tuition fees are payable in full and are not refundable, if you decide not to continue with your training.