Healing through the Human Energy Field

ZAR 150


Calling all Reiki, Holistic Healers, and Complementary Health Practitioners. My beautifully illustrated, E-Book, ‘Healing through the Human Energy Field’, is a step-by-step guide that gets straight to the point highlighting what is important. Perfect for beginners, it teaches people, how to use their hands to heal themselves, family, friends and animals. African anecdotes make for interesting reading, and this book is excellent for people not wishing to undergo ancestral training. It adds another dimension to energy healing techniques like crystal and reconnective healing, massage, reflexology, traditional healing etc. Revision exercises and model answers, at the end of each chapter, help to deepen your understanding and apply what you have learnt.


  • Dedication Foreword
  • About the Author
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • History
  • What is Healing?
  • Basic Anatomy
  • The Bach Flower Remedies and How They Affect Human Energy Fields
  • The Human Energy Fields
  • The Human Aura
  • The Endocrine Glands and Chakra System
  • The Holistic Approach
  • Nutrition
  • You Can Heal Yourself – Experiential Exercise
  • Using Your Hands as Sensors
  • Linking with Your Client
  • Scanning
  • African Traditional Healing
  • The Etheric Body – A Dowsing and Healing Tool
  • Unruffling the Field
  • Sealing and Transmitting
  • Hand Positions for Giving Healing
  • Shower, Grounding and Cleansing Techniques
  • Close Yourself Off
  • How to Take an Adult Medical History
  • Drug or Alcohol Addiction
  • Possession States
  • The Healing Act
  • Disclaimer
  • Medical History Form
  • Putting It all Together
  • The Health of the Healer
  • Cleansing Meditation
  • Absent Healing
  • Code of Conduct
  • Ethics
  • Bibliography 1
  • How to use this Book