All the Energy Healers that form part of our Healing Community have subscribed to a code of Conduct and Ethics. This ensures that they conduct themselves in a professional manner, where their primary obligation is to practice their skills to the best of their ability for the benefit of the client. The comfort and welfare of the client must always have priority.


  • The healer must recognize that the primary obligation is towards the client and at all times must practice their skills to the best of their ability for the benefit of the client. The comfort and welfare of the client must always have priority over any other requirement.
  • A healer must not deliberately mislead, for own gain, a client seeking advice or treatment.
  • All reasonable care must be taken to ensure adequate hygiene and the safety of the client.
  • The healer’s premises or clinic must be maintained in a sanitary condition and such premises are to reflect the professionalism of healing.
  • Individual or group advertisement shall only state that healing is offered. There must be no reference to any diseases treated and said advertisement may only feature therapies relative to healing.
  • Professional practice stationery should conform to an acceptable standard stating name, qualifications, relevant professional activities, address and telephone number.
  • A healer will not offer or undertake to treat a client who, to their knowledge, is the client of another healer without the consent of the client and notification to the other healer.
  • A healer must not attempt, by any means, to entice a client to leave another healer to become their client.
  • In cases on referral of a client to a healer by a colleague no form of commission or split fee may be paid or accepted.
  • Healers must present a united front to the public and should not imply criticism of colleagues, either in writing or verbally, to clients, colleagues or the public.
  • Responsibilities towards clients:
    1. Prior to and during any initial treatment an accurate explanation of healing must be given.
    2. The client should be advised in advance if there is a fee payable.
    3. Accurate records of client’s must be kept and must be maintained as confidential, unless ordered by the court, when the healer must state that they are doing it under protest.
  • If a member practices other therapies, it must be made clear to the client that such therapies form no part of the healing session.
  • Members and clients must refrain from smoking during treatment.
  • The healer shall treat the client holistically.
  • Healers shall cultivate a good relationship and full co-operation with The Health Professions Council, The Chiropractors, Homeopaths and Allied Health Service Professions Council of S.A. and the Traditional Healers Council of S.A.
  • We shall not criticize other healers.
  • Healers do not practice midwifery, (unless they possess the appropriate medical qualifications) or give healing in the late stages of pregnancy or within ten days thereafter. Healing given in the late stages of pregnancy could induce labour.  There is also the danger of Post-Partum Haemorrhage.  (Post-Partum is the term applied to anything happening immediately after birth.)
  • Certificates must be displayed in consulting rooms.
  • Healers must not engage in any conduct, which could be construed as sexually abusive in any manner.
  • Healers must maintain a professional distance and relationship with their clients.


  • The Veterinary Surgeons Act prohibits anyone other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from treating animals, including diagnosis of ailments and the giving of advice based upon such diagnosis. However, the healing of animals by the laying-on of hands, or through prayer is permissible.
  • If an animal clearly needs treatment from a veterinary surgeon, the owner must be advised to seek the necessary treatment.

Code of Conduct

Any healer in private practice will be expected to follow this Code of Conduct and to conduct themselves and to practice, in such a manner as to uphold and maintain the high standard of the profession of healing.

  • Consultation, assessment and treatment should only be carried out with the full consent of the client (or the parent or guardian in the case of minors).
  • All information gained during consultation and assessment and/or in the course of the professional treatment, shall not be divulged to anyone, other than for professional consultation, without the client’s consent.
  • Healing, by the laying of hands on or near the body, must only be given on request.
  • Healers shall offer a support service to medical and complementary medicine practitioners and to the sick, which is in addition to and NOT instead of medical, complementary, or traditional medicine.
    1. The hospital is responsible for the patient.
    2. Healers should visit hospitals with discretion. In some cases absent healing may be more appropriate.

             If a visit is made to a hospital:

    1. Healers must not wear white coats.
    2. Healers must obtain permission from the Nursing Officer before entering a ward and inform her of the patient’s request for healing. In any case of doubt, the request should be obtained in writing.
    3. When entry to the ward is obtained, healing must be carried out without a fuss. It must be restricted to healing through the patient’s hands, solar plexus or through quiet prayer.
    4. Healers must never undermine the patient’s faith in hospital treatment or regime.
    5. If credentials are requested the Healer must produce their Registration Card
  • Medication must not be prescribed or altered unless the member is duly qualified and registered in a discipline, which so permits
  • Healers are personally responsible for the cause and effect of their actions.  They must behave with courtesy, dignity and tact.  Their attitude must be competent, professional, empathetic, hopeful and positive, thus encouraging uplift in the client’s mental outlook and belief in a gradual progression towards wholeness.
  • Healers must not interfere with medical treatment.
  • Healers must not advise clients to refrain from seeking medical help.
  • In the case of a notifiable, infectious disease, the client must be referred to their doctor for immediate medical attention, as required by law.
  • Where Healers are treating clients of the opposite sex, especially in their homes, it is desirable that a chaperon be present, or a waiver is signed by the client during the first consultation.
  • Healers must never offer clairvoyant or tarot readings during a healing consultation.  A separate appointment must be made for this.
  • Healers must not use manipulation or vigorous massage unless they are in possession of an appropriate professional qualification.
  • Healers shall not practice dentistry, surgery or any other physically invasive techniques.
  • Healers must make it clear that they are not medical doctors and do not claim to have the knowledge and skill of medical doctors, psychiatric and psychological practitioners.
  • Particular care must be taken in the treatment of children under the age of 16 years.  It is illegal for a healer to be the cause of a child not receiving full medical attention should it be needed.  Healers must, therefore, always advise the parents that they must seek the advice of their doctor in relation to the child, and where the parents refuse to do this, particularly where the child is suffering from a fatal disease, they must ask the parents to commit in writing both the fact that the healer has asked them to seek medical advice and that this has been declined.
  • If a person is obviously suffering from a fatal condition and refuses to consult a doctor, the healer must insist that they see a medical doctor to record their informed refusal.  The doctor must record in their file that the patient has refused medical treatment and a letter to such effect shall be transmitted to the healer.  Only once this has been received may the healer consent to proceed with healing treatments.
  • Healers may not ask for the removal of a client’s clothing except for heavy jewelry, coats and footwear.
  • People who suffer from mental instability, epilepsy, drugs or alcohol addictions, severe depression, hallucinations or “possession states”, may only be treated by experienced healers. There must also be a chaperone present.