Date: 27 Sept 2016
I think I died last night. I remember doctors in the spirit world fighting to put me back into my body, which lacked all sensation. I remember the feeling slowly coming back into my arms and legs, suddenly becoming aware of my body again, and then, waking up in bed. I was furious. For months I had been dreaming, that I was lost, and could not find my way home. That my mobile was broken. That I had lost all the phone numbers of my loved ones in spirit. That there was an important hierarchy of people, that I reported to, who did not mind if I took a couple of days off work, and did not tell them why I had been absent.

Last night, everything became so clear. I was riding a bicycle, going uphill. Suddenly I found myself on a sandy road, leading up to a bridge. On the other side of the river, was the most beautiful forest, filled with translucent white flowers. Words cannot describe the wondrous scenes of nature that suddenly started unfolding around me. I was free of the physical, totally submerged in the beauty of my surroundings. There simply are no pictures to describe what I saw.

Feeling that I had to go back to work, I turned and started cycling back on along the sandy road. As I did so, different stunning scenes of glimpses of other worlds unfolded on either side of the road. Each one filled with glorious colours and nature so pure and abundant that it was beyond all human comprehension. All the beauty of earth cannot compare with what was revealed to me. If this was heaven, how could I deny people the gift of dying?

My bike started going faster and faster downhill. Everything around changed into a kaleidoscope of different shades of iridescent blue. Like breaking through the sound barrier, the colours changed from pale to deeper blue, flashing past me, as I neared the bottom of the hill.

Then, I was in a kind of hospital, where spirit doctors were discussing me, and fighting to save my life physically. I can still hear their voices, congratulating each other when this was done.

I woke up. My room felt like a prison. Lying quietly trying to integrate the whole experience, I realised that this planet is still very young in terms of evolution. Our technology is antiquated in terms of other dimensions. It is as though we are encapsulated in an oxygen tank, swimming blindly underwater, each of us with a life line of oxygen to sustain us. When our time comes, the life support is terminated, and we float to the surface to another dimension. A dimension so glorious, so infinite. Where we are one with all that is beautiful, good, loving and uncomplicated.
I realise now, that our entire life, is not even a day, in the vaster scheme of things. What we be-ride ourselves for, just does not matter on the other side. That there is a God working through a group of advanced souls (angels) watching this planet evolve. When necessary, they gently correct the times and tides of every single life and even the planet.

Confined by our bodies, highly sentient, sensitive beings, in dullness of earth’s vibrations, we look for relief. This can take the form of food, sex, drugs, alcohol, power, through acquiring money, and the eternal quest to find love. But all of these only give temporary relief. Before long, we are on to the next thing – in fact – anything to relieve the monotony of a magnificent soul, being trapped in a limiting, physical body.

We place so much emphasis on how the physical should look, how it should behave. It causes endless suffering when it gets sick. Money and relationships come and go, and the soul remains forever restless until finally, it is released from purgatory and allowed to go home.

I still don’t know why we are here. I know that I need to ‘lighten up’. That anything I put in my mouth can change my vibration; too many possessions tie me down; money is a bartering system on this planet and that nothing, absolutely nothing, can compare with the beauty, infinite love and peace that awaits us.

Katharine Lee Kruger ©
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