The Healing Community, founded by Katharine Lee-Kruger and Gareth Lee, is a community for Energy Healers in South Africa. 

Some of the objectives are:

  • To showcase the benefits of energy healing¬†
  • Educate potential clients about energy healing and what to expect during a consultation.
  • Create a network of registered and trained energy healers.
  • To provide wider access to energy medicine modalities for anyone seeking care
  • To encourage high ethical and moral standards
  • To organise events for continuing education with emphasis on business and practice management skills
  • To create a safer place for our members and friends to to access energy medicine tools and services by developing relationships and sharing conversations
  • To emphasise the spiritual aspect of healing

Our focus is to both educate the public about energy healing modalities and to promote the our members healing practices where ever possible. 

Katharine Lee Kruger